Special Equipment

Here are links to websites where you can purchase special equipment for your group. 
Rubber rainbow reins are a multi coloured rein which helps the rider hold the rein at the correct length and allows the instructor to make an easily understood correction - ie hold the red section of the rein.
Correct contact reins are a looped rein that can be easily adjusted to suit the horse and rider. Extremely useful for riders who are unable to grip the rein but would be able to hold a loop.
Safety stirrups are used to prevent the rider from being dragged if they fall off the horse but they also promote a better foot position in the stirrup.  
Inky Dinky Saddles
The Inky Dinky is totally unique; its treeless design ensures a good fit whatever the size and shape of your pony whilst the seat is made from luxurious Memory Foam to provide ultimate comfort for tiny bottoms. As your child grows the saddle grows with them. Adjusting and sculpting the Memory Foam pommel and cantle will always maintain a cosy snug fit.
Signam Sportsmark
A range of gymkhana equipment  - coloured cones, stands with hooks, stands with nets
A range of beanbags in 6 colours - hippos. monkeys, bears, bunnies etc
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