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North Midlands RDA - RDA National Championships 2016 SUCCESS!!!

(July 17, 2016)


Riding for the Disabled Association (RDA) 

RDA National Championships 2016

Friday 15th July to Sunday 17th July 2016


North Midlands RDA Region heading to RDA National Championships. The groups who are representing our region at the Championships - Scropton Riding & Driving Centre, South Notts Group, Papplewick RDA, Lincolnshire Wolds RDA, Cleethorpes & Grimsby RDA, Belvoir Vale RDA, Retford & District Group and Wenlo RDA Group. 

 Evie's Success!!!


Evie Toombes and Floosie England from Lincolnshire Wolds RDA who are competing for the Graded Showjumping classes and they done very well. Evie & Milton was unbelieavbly well together and claimed their first title as a Senior in the Grade lll class whilst Floosie claiming the win in the Junior section in the same class. Congratulations both of them who represented our region. 



 Bradley Dexter of Papplewick RDA riding Claybank Magnet and they have won the I/D Freestyle to Music class with the smashing score of 72.5% whilst came second in his second test which has been really brilliant for them to debut at the Nationals for the first time. North Midlands RDA couldn't be more proud of the group including the rider, Bradley Dexter. A massive congratulations to the newest group of our region, Papplewick RDA!!

 Countryside Challenge Success from Wenlo RDA, Belvoir Vale RDA, Scropton RDA, South Notts RDA....


South Notts RDA rider Phillip Brothers with Pie who came third respectivity in the Countryside Challenge and the team looking very smart together - very well done to Phillip!

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Evie Champman of Scropton RDA who have done really well with Pie by coming second in the Combined Training whilst came third place in the Countryside indepedently and a great result for the newest group in Nottinghamshire, Belvoir Vale RDA - Chellie who came first in Combined Training and second in the Countryside Challenge on Royal Ubra's Gem. Congratulations to both of them.

Ellie Hull of Wenlo RDA Group who has been coming first in her both classes and being presented by RDA Chairman, Sam Orde and Ellie feel very proud to hold her trophy.


 Cleethorpes & Grimsby Group - Emma Wells's Success


Emma Wells represented Cleethorpes & Grimsby Group by riding George with two of the impressive win in her classes with Grade la and Grade la Freestyle to Music successfully. She rode the test very beautiful in the indoor arena. Her test was seen by Ed Bracher, RDA UK Chief Exec. Very huge congratulations to Emma and George.

 Here is the official selfie of the North Midlands Crew..

Thank you RDA for having our region to enjoy your National Championships....



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