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Regional Countryside Challenge Qualifiers - RESULTS, 23rd May 2016

(May 24, 2016)


Supported by Riding for the Disabled Association (RDA)



North Midlands RDA Region

Countryside Challenge Qualifiers

Venue: Scropton RDA Centre

What a success for the Regional Countryside Challenge Qualifiers to be held at Scropton Riding & Driving Centre yesterday with the brilliant job by Glynis Dalley & Matthew Dalley, and all the staff and volunteers at Scropton RDA. We both welcome the following groups including Wenlo, Belvoir Vale, South Notts, Nottinghamshire, Kimberly House, Retford & District and Scropton RDA with 40 brilliant riders who have taken part in the event yesterday - the weather was very sunshine, very bright throughout the day where the parents, supporters, carers cheering on their lovely riders.




We also have the fantastic judges from Kesteven Rideability, Nicky Webber & Sarah Harris  judged the event throughout the day with their lovely writers, Barbara and Liz who supported the judges - Nicky, one of the judges said: “ What a lovely day we all had, the competitors rode really well - the horses were turned out beautifully. Congratulations to everyone who took part in the day and well done to the organisers for running a fab event.“

Huge thank you to the brilliant volunteers from Scropton RDA who have supported the event even behind the scenes,getting horses ready for hire, warming up, tack checks being carried out, running the coffee bar and also being on the course. Thank you for your fantastic job. A massive thank you to the scorers who have done fantastically well job to help with scores as well as getting scoresheet throughout the day. 

With the morning starting Class 3A & 3B to witnessing great performances from the independent riders who rode very great rounds and we’re delighted to confirm that Evie Chapman of Scropton on Disney who just beat Ellie Hull of Wenlo in the Juniors and they’re excited to qualified for Hartpury in July - Good luck to both of them. While Kirsty Laing represented Wenlo RDA in the Seniors who have won the Class with amazing score of 86.25% and Emily Smith with Riley from Kimberly House jointed with Helen Harding of Retford came runner up place and they’re off to the Nationals this year. Kirsty Laing is one of the two visually impaired riders to qualified for the RDA National Championships. 


Phillip Brothers and South Notts RDA looked smart together with Nomad

Jonathon Rigby from Belvoir Vale who have won the Class 2A in Juniors with a magnificent score of 92.5 and therefore that he has been awarded for the highest score of the day with the lovely shining shield. Stephen Green of Wenlo RDA done such a impressive round to win the Class 2B in Seniors to beat John Kitchen from Scropton by 2% - very close and Stephen & John will be headed to Hartpury in July to compete RDA National Championships. Joshua Newman of Belvoir Vale with smashing 90.5% to win the Class 1A in the Juniors while Barnaby Pilsworth joined him as runner up and they both headed off to RDA National Championships in July and we wish them best luck. Yuaan Ashgar is one of the two visually impaired riders who have been automatically qualified for RDA National Championships. Phillip Brothers of South Notts & Lucy Armstrong jointed winning the same class but in the Seniors with a great score of 87.25 to qualified together -  many congratulations.


The organisers, Glynis and Matthew commented on this successful event where they’ve been so prouder to host:

“ We loved having everyone from the North Midlands Region join us at Scropton for a great days riding. Congratulations to those riders who took part in this great event yesterday, thank you to the great volunteers who played a great role behind the scenes, on the course, and many more. Good luck to all those riders who qualified for the Nationals. "


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