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Sue Lynch, Our Regional Driver Rep featured in Carriage Driving Magazine

(November 04, 2015)


Sue Lynch was featured in Carriage Driving Magazine...


I started driving with the Springbridge R.D.A. group about three years ago; I have ridden horses all my life but after a riding accident in 2009 left me paralysed from the chest down my life changed drastically. 


Driving at Springbridge enables me to be closely involved with horses again their ponies are all very well-mannered and patient so I am able to groom them and put on their harness, with a bit of help. Most of them even lower their heads so that I can put  their bridles on from my wheelchair. They really are a very generous group of ponies and horses.


 Being able to go out and about with these lovely ponies is very important to me. Being a wheelchair user means it is very difficult to access the countryside that was once a huge part of my life, going across fields or down tracks that I just would not be able to do otherwise. It is a great feeling to be able to move freely with a pony, I never thought I would be able to gain this sort of connection with a horse again.


 My particular favourite is Gollie she is a very brave and determined mare, clever and quick thinking. I have been lucky enough to try some trials work with Gollie and if Linda and Jane did not know her history nobody would believe she had not done this before. She very quickly worked out how best to turn through the cones and is always looking ahead to the next proving to be very supple and nimble. Amazing considering she is nineteen years old and has only ever been asked to go in fairly straight lines before. We recently attended a training session at Solihull with Stuart Roberts and she gave me another fantastic day, behaving beautifully she stood quietly at the lorry till it was our session. We went into the covered school for our dressage lesson something she had never done before but she took it all in her stride and there was an improvement in her way of going within a very short time. We then went into the field for the cones and obstacles which she whizzed through as if she had been doing it for years.


I am very grateful to everyone at Springbridge for the time and effort they put in to enable me to take part in this great sport.

By Sue Lynch


Well done Sue!


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