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Sophie & Kathryn's Success at FEI European Para-Dressage Championships 2015!

(September 20, 2015)






Sophie & Jorge Kathryn & Dreamer

Two of our Para Dressage Stars head off to Deauville in France. Sophie Wells representing Team GB with Jorge and Kathryn Gallagher represented Team Ireland where they are competing from 17th September to 20th September 2015 from FEI Para European Championships 2015 for Para Dressage.

If you did not know that Sophie Wells has withdrew Valerius from FEI Europeans Para Dressage 2015 but substitute with C Fatal Attraction as known as Jorge. You can read the full details of Sophie’s last minute changes:


Before the competition starts in Deauville, both of their horses have also passed “Trot up” inspection in front of the Ground Jury. You can see Sophie Wells prepared Jorge for his trot up inspection at:




On Friday 18th of September 2015, we seen Sophie Wells and Jorge who have produced a great test for her Grade 4 Team Test of 72.00% and came second place so Sophie said “ Very nervous were affected him today but hopefully by tomorrow, Jorge will be coming out with more confident position. " A great start for Jorge’s first European and Championships debut. Kathryn Gallagher who debuted for the first time representing Team Ireland at International level for Grade 4 Team Test with 68.70% and came eighth place respectively, well done Kathryn and Dreamer! Good luck for the Grade 4 Individual Test tomorrow. You can see the highlights of her test on our Facebook Page - click here.




Saturday 19th September 2015, we heard Sophie Wells and Jorge has produced a brilliant test in the Individual Test for Grade 4 where they both feel very confident and relaxed and Jorge have gave Sophie everything she’ve asked during the test in the arena. Sophie has claimed her second silver medal with 71.838% which was another great achievement for Sophie Wells and Jorge and they both have made it to Freestyle class tomorrow. Kathryn and Dreamer also ridden a great test according to Paula Brooks, her mother, she said Kathryn did not made it to the Freestyle class but remained in the Top 10 which was a huge success. We have also heard that Team GBR Para Dressage has retained their European title again successfully contains of Sophie Christiansen, Anne Dunham, Lee Pearson and Sophie Wells who are gold medallists as they are 1st place - Congratulations!

You can see the following photo: on “Equestrian Team GBR” Facebook Page.



On the morning of Sunday 20th September 2015, in the Grade 4 Freestyle Test class with Sophie Wells and Jorge smashed the test with a best score of 79.00% and grabbed her final silver medal which was a great success for Jorge. You can now watch the video of Sophie Wells and Jorge earlier the morning:


We, North Midlands RDA would like to say: 

" Congratulations to our two of brilliant Para Dressage riders, Sophie Wells and Kathryn Gallagher who have been so fantastic in Deauville this weekend. We look forward to see you both soon for a great catch up. "


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