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Nomad's another Successful day at Solihull!

(August 30, 2015)





Nomad's another successful day at Solihull Riding Club

Nomad have been stayed in Emma's lorry overnight already. In the morning, Nomad try to find the sugar that Emma needs... however it runs out so Emma have asked Matt's mother, Glynis for a pinch of sugar so Nomad can have a cup of tea. Emma got another test to do at 12:00pm so Nomad can came and watch and cheer her on by sitting in her scooter, whilst Emma and Samwise in action. After watching her test, Nomad thought it was really lovely test and then he have to wait and see if Emma is the restricted champion for the Grade la, as soon as Nomad found out that Emma has become the Grade la Summer Restricted Champion with her overall score 67% and he have been congratulate her team mate, Vicky Nurcombe who have came fourth place again with a great score of 69% respectively, but she has been very lucky to have Nomad supporting her and the crew. Matt Dalley, our Participant Rep who have done so well in the Talent Development for Para Dressage this morning. Guess what... North Midlands RDA's crew has been featured in a interview for Emma Wells was surrounded by her groom, Vicky, Sarah and Matt.

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All of us have successful weekend so far at Solihull. During this late afternoon, Nomad will be on the journey to Cleethorpes & Grimsby RDA to explore what the group is doing throughout the week - We will keep you updated!


You can see all the pictures from this weekend has been shared via Facebook and Twitter.

- Nomad, North Midlands RDA


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