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North Midlands RDA's Para Show Jumpers's Latest News...

(August 08, 2015)



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North Midlands RDA - Para Equestrian Show Jumping's Latest News:

Matthew Dalley, our North Midlands RDA Participant Rep will be joined by Evie Toombes and Joseph Platt at Stoneleigh on Tuesday 11th August 2015 where they are competing for the Para Show Jumping Championships. Matthew, Garry & Joe and his horse is going to jump at the height of 80cm in the Grade ll Class. Whilst Evie competing in action for the Grade lll in the Junior section.

They're from North Midlands RDA Region so we're proud to announce these riders who is heading to Stoneleigh. We look forward to keep you all updated on this on Tuesday - Our Participant Rep Matt will be posting or tweeting throughout the day hopefully.

Good luck to Matt, Evie and Joe!

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Written by Matt Dalley



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