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Mount Group RDA - Success at RDA National Champs 2015!

(July 26, 2015)



Mount Group RDA - Success

 RDA National Championships 2015 

We had a very successful weekend at the RDA National Championships at Hartpury Colledge last weekend, Friday 17th to Sunday 19th July 2015.

 Julie Clark and Hearnsbrook Mizen started the week end on Friday in the PVI Class with a First place and overall Champion with 76.2%  ( PVI is partially visionally sighted) winning a super Glass Horse Trophy.

On Saturday, Vicky Nurcombe and Fabrication (Harry ) won both their Grade II classes with overall champion and highest dressage marks of the day, two very nice silver trophies. Joseph Platt  the ex soldier and his horse Spirit, won his Intro dressage,  in the level 3 show jumping he came 5th and won the senior combine training. A wonderful start to what he hopes will be his new career. 

 Sunday, Christine Durrance who rode Spirit did the ID Freestyle to music 69% beaten to second place by one mark ! (They messed up the start of her music ) In her  Championship class she got 77.4% on Spirit , who has yet to learn medium trot, and again second place by less than a mark. He is a little super star!

Written by Pat Bishop 

Posted by Matt.

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