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Withdrawl of European Hat Standard

(January 23, 2015)


It has been announced by the EU Commission that the European Equestrian Riding Helmet standard (BS) EN1384 is to be withdrawn from the Official Journal of the European Union (OJ) at its next publication.  This means that hat manufacturers will no longer be able to CE mark their hats using this standard and will need to recertify to a specification currently being developed. 

This withdrawal of the standard has no effect on riding hats already on the market.  Once a hat has been manufactured to a standard it will not become "non-standard" after withdrawal and can continue to be sold and worn.  If riders have hats certified to the EN1384 they can continue to use them unless stated otherwise by rules of competition. See Below:

The BSEN1384 specification has proved to be a popular standard throughout Europe with a wide appeal and have saved many riders from head injury, or death. 

If you have a hat marked (BS) EN1384 supported by PAS015 accredited this is absolutely fine to carry on using.


What does this ruling mean to RDA Groups?

As a result of these recent changes: The Riding for Disabled Association will permit (BS) EN1384 hats in 2015 but not thereafter.  From 1 January 2016 hats made solely to (BS) EN1384 will not be permitted for use in RDA Groups keeping this in line with The British Equestrian Federation, British Horse Society, British Eventing, British Show jumping, Pony Club and British Dressage.

The recommended standard is PAS015.

What should Groups do?

  • Groups will need to check their stock of hats and see whether they have any that are marked BS EN1384 (and not supported by PAS015).
  • Any BS EN1384 marked hats will need to be replaced over the next 11 months.


If you have any queries about this new ruling and how it affects you, please contact Fiona or Ruth at National Office on 01926 492915.

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