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Medal bonanza at the Special Olympics for Mount group

(August 19, 2013)

Special Olympic 2013The Special Olympic Summer Games Followed on from the RDA Championships with three more of the Mount Group riders in the East Midlands Equestrian Team. Sarah Maley and David Denning from the Lodge Trust at Market Overton and Matthew Jacques from Asfordby, joined five other riders to complete the team of eight.

This meant that our two saintly horses Miss Marples (Megan) and Hearnsbrook Mizen
(Mizen) stayed on at Hartpury to compete again the following week.

The riders and carers arrived on Monday 15th July to settle into their accommodation,
Sectioning and horse matching was on the Tuesday, this is were they watch the riders
training and match them with like riders for their sections/classes.

Wednesday and Thursday were competition days and there are three disciplines, Working Trails, a series of obstacles, Dressage, and Horse care and Knowledge, the A riders have a choice of Prix Capprilli or Working Trails depending on their ability.
On Wednesday the team got five Golds, six Silver and 2 Bronze. David Denning got a
Gold in the Working Trail and a Bronze in the Horse care and Knowledge and Sarah Maley got a Gold in the Horse care and Knowledge and a Silver in the Working Trails, Matthew Jacques got a Silver in the Working Trails.

On Thursday the Team got another Five Golds, one Silver and two Bronze. With ten
Golds, Seven Silver and Four Bronze that was a total of 21 out of a possible 24 medals. Our riders Sarah Maley and Matthew Jacques both got a Gold for their Dressage.

We are so proud of all the hard work they have put in and the team spirit and support oftheir team members.

A HUGE THANK YOU to Di Poyser and Susan Smith who were the Grooms and side
walkers and spent a whole week away from home in all that heat. And congratulations to Jean Whitebread, the new team coach, and all the team who did so well.

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