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RDA Dressage Anywhere Championship

(July 30, 2012)

Disabled riders who are unable to travel now have their own Dressage Championship. Riding for the Disabled Association(RDA) has teamed up with Dressage Anywhere - the online competition website - to enable their riders to compete from home with the opportunity of becoming one of the RDA Dressage Anywhere Champions 2012.

Competitors will ride one of three tests, at home or with their RDA Group (led or unled), then have it filmed and upload it to It will then be judged online by an accredited RDA or FEI judge. Once judged, the competitor can download their score sheet directly from their own personal page on the website, complete with comments and marks like any live competition.

Each uploaded test will be entered into the regular monthly Dressage Anywhere competitions, with prizes and rosettes being awarded to those who are placed. The results will be displayed on the Dressage Anywhere Scoreboard. In addition, competitors who are part of an official RDA Group will be eligible for the RDA Dressage Anywhere Championship.

Qualifying classes open on 1 August and run until the end of October 2012. Competitors have the option to enter as many times as they wish during the qualifying stage with their best score counting toward qualification. The top ten riders in each group achieving a score over 60% then qualify for the Championship class which will run through November and the winners will be announced in early December. The RDA Dressage Anywhere Champions in each group will be invited to attend a prize giving at the RDA National Championships in 2013 with or without their mount.

Dressage Anywhere says 'We are thrilled to have the opportunity to work with the RDA who, over so many years have created life changing opportunities for so many people - young and old'.

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