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Hats - latest update from RDA National

(June 01, 2011)


As you may have heard there has been some doubt regarding the rules on hats. Please see below the notice to avoid any doubt. As yet the rules haven’t changed, however any modifications that are going to come in to place will be launched at the Coaching Conference on 09/10 October 2011.

1) Please note that all riders and carriage drivers must wear proper protective headwear which conforms to the current standards: PAS 015, EN 1384 or ASTM F1163 (Troxel)

2) In some cases a physiotherapist, with ACPTR Horse in Rehabilitation part 2 or 3 qualification, may consider that wearing a hat is not appropriate for a rider/carriage driver because of the nature of the disability. This is a clinical judgement and is acceptable providing:-

a) A full and appropriate written assessment has been carried out.

b) A written statement is signed by the physiotherapist and is kept in group records, together with written permission from the rider, driver, parent or guardian.

c) The rider has a leader and at least one side walker at all times and rides in a safe enclosed area. The Driver must have an RDA Whip present and drive in a safe enclosed area.

d) Under no circumstances may a rider, driver without a hat ride on a road.

e) Alternative headwear should be used where possible.

If anyone has any queries regarding the rules with hats please do not hesitate to contact either Sue Mack (Special Equipment Advisor) on 0845 241 4361, or Holly Timbrell (Coach Support Manger) at National Office on 0845 241 5337.

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