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North Midlands Groups success at the National Championships

(August 03, 2010)
Congratulations to all the groups who attended the RDA National Championships at Hartpury, Gloucs.  The regional teams were very successful winning the Regional Dressage Team on Sunday and gaining third place in the Countryside Challenge Team. 
Results from individual groups:

Class 19 - Jean Robert Van Oosten 4th Jnr with 65.26%, riding Charlie

Class 20 - Laura Grey 5th with 67.37%, riding Bess

Class 22 - Mark Haslam 4th with 82.75%, riding Bess

Class 23 - Laura Grey 5th with 78%, riding Bess

Class 29 - Laura Grey 5th with combined score of 72.69%


Class 42 - Matthew Dalley 3rd Jnr with 62.08%, riding Boys'll Be Boys

Class 50 - Matthew Dalley 3rd Jnr with 52.2%, riding Boys'll Be Boys

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