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Inspirational Website Training

(January 22, 2010)
Website trainingEight potential RDA website builders attended an "inspirational" website training day at Stoke Rochford near Grantham. 
The course was funded by Ride Welland and North Midlands Region.  Course tutor Andrew Pennill guided the delegates through the process of building a basic website for their group and was delighted with the progress everyone made through the day. 
Kaye from Kettering group said " I was terrified as I am not computer literate but found the course very accessible."   Notts and South Notts groups were represented and Jackie Selby, from South Notts, felt the course "was an excellent path through the minefield of website training".  Sid Harbey from Mid Derbyshire group had previous experience in website editing but had never built a site from scratch.  By the end of the day's course he had nearly completed his basic site and was looking forward to getting it published to the web.  Pat Bishop and Jane Peach from Mount group found the course very enjoyable and easy to follow   Regional Instructor, Karen Thompson said " I am really looking forward to seeing all the websites live on the net in the coming months."

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