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Scropton rider selected for Regional Foundation Squad

(November 12, 2009)
Matt and horseMatthew, now 15, has been riding at Scropton RDA Centre since he was 6. When we first took him he'd never been anywhere near a horse before but it was love at first sight! He was very small and wobbly needing a leader and two side walkers, but that half an hour on a pony was something he looked forward to each week. As he got older and stronger, his dermination and the great support he received from everyone at Scropton helped him to progress to riding independently, to trotting, then cantering and eventually jumping. Matthew just loved it all and progressed to riding three times a week, and then on to riding with his AB peers.
Then Matthew discovered competing and a whole new world opened up to him! MattHe started with the RDA Countryside Challenge and then moved on to Dressage, where he is a Grade III rider. This year was his sixth visit to the RDA National Championships and being a part of this event is one of the highlights of his year. He has also competed at the Special Olympics, winning a Bronze Medal for Dressage, and has taken part in several local AB competitions. There was only one way to go with Matthew and this summer saw him the proud owner of his first horse, Dougal. Now they are working hard to build a partnership together. Matthew has been selected for the BEF Regional Foundation Squad for Para Dressage and is very excited about this new challenge. Riding has given so much to Matthew in so many ways and it would never have happened without the fantastic support of everyone at Scropton RDA!                                        

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