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North Midlands Regional Arts & Crafts Competition 2020 UPDATE!

(September 06, 2020)


North Midlands Regional Arts & Crafts 2020 Competition



North Midlands RDA is delighted to inform that we have over 35 entries for our Regional Arts & Crafts 2020 competition - what a fantastic response, well done to everyone who took part in our competition this year.

We are handing over these entries to the judges now as they will deliberate them while we are waiting for the official results. We're cuurrently working on the 'Virtual Gallery' at the moment and can't wait to share this opportunity with everyone to look at all of the entries including Paintings, Sculptures, Collages and Photographs which will be available soon to view them.

Thank you to Jackie Selby who have to orgainse such a great competition for everyone this summer.

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