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RDA UK - Coronavirus Update, 13 March 2020

(March 13, 2020)

Advice from RDA UK as at 13 March 2020

Following the meeting of the Government’s Cobra committee yesterday, when it was agreed that the UK will move to the ‘delay’ stage of its response, you will find below the email we have just circulated to all RDA groups. In addition, we have specific advice and guidelines for you and your regional team.

Group closures

Although the government advice does not insist on it, group trustees are quite rightly making their own decisions about whether to close, based on their specific situation. Please be sympathetic to groups that choose to close and make it clear they are under no pressure from RDA UK to remain open. We are asking that groups email [email protected] to let us know, so please pass this request on if applicable.

Non-essential travel and meetings

We are advising that you cancel non-essential RDA travel and meetings. To decide if a meeting is essential please consider ‘if this doesn’t happen, will it have a significant, immediate impact on participants and volunteers?’ (e.g.: a coach review that doesn’t happen might stop that coach from being able to do sessions).

We are happy to advice on this if you want guidance. If you would like to arrange a teleconference instead of cancelling a meeting, we can set this up for you. 

Events – including Regional Qualifiers

Government advice does not currently restrict gatherings or events on the scale of our regional qualifiers and championships. We are reviewing the situation with regards to this, so please do not cancel qualifiers or other significant regional events without prior consultation with Claire Milican at National Office (01926 405969 or 07493 394237).

Communication to groups

When we issue advice, we are emailing all group contacts and group Chairs, and posting the same advice on MyRDA. In addition, you can support our efforts by circulating the email below as you see fit. It is important that our groups feel confident that they being supported by RDA UK and that we are issuing advice in a timely manner as the situation changes.

Many thanks for all your help and support with this ongoing issue

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