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Therapy & Beyond - North Midlands Regional Supra Conference

(July 27, 2018)


North Midlands Regional Supra Conference

Therapy & Beyond

Thursday 26th July 2018



Our orgainsing committee has taken over the plans of Regional Supra Conference from RDA Eastern Region. We came up with the idea of 'Therapy & Beyond' which is the theme for the Supra Conference including Hippotherapy, Equine Physio, Specialist Equipment for riding and driving, some demonstrations including Driving, Riding nutrition and the progress from RDA Showjumping to Para Showjumping.

Over 50 delegates from North Midlands, Yorkshire & Cleveland and Eastern regions attended the conference at LRAC, the home of Lincolnshire Wolds RDA in glorious sunshine. We also have four speakers who are going to show some of the things that is very beneficial and useful for the delegates to learn about - Sue Mack is here to talk about how specialist equipment are being used for variety of riders and some adapted tacks which is very interesting to see what equipment we are using. Sam Peck explain about how the riding simulator works and how useful for our riders to use this and see where they needs to improve by ride on a mechinical horse (Lincs Wolds RDA recently set up the riding simulator few weeks ago - congratulations on this success). Elizabeth Beckerlegge from CPRTH (Chartered Physiotherapists in Therapeutic Riding & Hippotherapy) discussing the benefit of Hippotherapy and giving examples of how the physiotherapists support the riders such as Sophie Christiansen CBE and Luke which were very informative. Jess Martin-Legg also spoke about how the equine physio works and the examples of horse physiotherapist's massage work to ensure all RDA horses and ponies needs to be 100% fit! (Cracker, one of Lincs Wolds RDA horses took part for Equine Physio).


In the afternoon, all delegates gathered up in the seating area watched some of our demonstrations - Firstly, RDA Carraige Driving starting off the afternoon with Keith Harmsworth, one of the carraige driving participants with Janet Viner to demonstrate their work in obstacles which was great to watch by the delegates. Next up, Equine Nutrition and Condition Scoring for RDA with Angie Johnson which features two of LW RDA horses to discuss their needs of nutrition and condition and how they will be scored.



To finish the Supra Conference, we brought two of our fantastic Para showjumpers, Flossie England & Matt Dalley with Ricky and Womble to demonstrating the progress of RDA Showjumping from Level 1-4 towards Para Showjumping and how to introduce Showjumping to the RDA groups and that both riders also participated in the Para Showjumping as well. We would like to say a huge thank you to Sarah at LRAC for having us hosting there, Janet and Lincolnshire Wolds RDA team for the hard work behind the scenes, planning the conference as well as their team work effort.


It has been very informative day for all delegates, guests and speakers attended the Therapy & Beyond Supra Conference this year!


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