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Roma gets the honour of RDA Long Service Award!!

(June 19, 2018)



Roma gets the honour of RDA Long Service after making a immediately significant contribution to Belvoir Vale RDA by facilitating their approval as a show-jumping group - Karen & Lesley, Nottinghamshire County Coaches delighted to present his award at Scropton last week!

Roma joined Belvoir Vale RDA in February 2016 on loan from Kesteven RDA and immediately has made his significant contribution to the group by facilitating their approval as a RDA show-jumping group. During his time with Belvoir Vale team, Roma has looked after the riders with more profound physical disabilities with his calm and gentle nature but also allowed their more advanced children confidently progress off the lead-rein.


In 2017, Roma excelled at the Regional Countryside Challenge by winning the shield for the highest scoring Junior and helped the team to qualify for the RDA National Championships held at Hartpury in the dressage as well. These successes were followed by him being placed in two Countryside Challenge classes at the Championships and a second place in the ID Walk only Freestyle Dressage were he 'danced' to the music from the film Titanic.

 "Roma was a real personality to have on the yard and a favourite amongst the riders and volunteers. Belvoir Vale were delighted when the opportunity aroses for us to purchase him from Kesteven and so secure his future with us." - Lesley, Belvoir Vale RDA Coach

"Every child deserves a bit of ROMAtherapy" quoted by Kesteven Rideability.



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