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Diana & Shirley were 'proudly' recognised for RDA President's Awards 2018!!

(February 02, 2018)


Diana & Shirley proudly recognised for the RDA President's Awards 2018 for the North Midlands region.

The President’s Award is the most prestigious volunteer award within RDA and is awarded for service of an exceptional nature over a period of not less than 30 years.

Shirley Kay from Cleethorpes & Grimsby were also recognised for the Regional Volunteer of the Year last year following the success of setting up its the group over 30 years already and in addition of her positivity helped in raising the profile of both the group and the needs of disabled people in the area. Diana Haddon from Ruddington RDA is also one of these recipients for this award where she worked hard tirelessly and showed the exceptional dedication to the RDA service for Ruddington RDA.

Clarissa Howkins, Regional Chairman said "Its very exciting for them and reflects so well on the groups and the region, I hope everyone is as thrillied as I am"

Congratulations to Diana Haddon & Shirley Kay again behalf of our regional committee and we look forward to seeing the photo of you both collecting the President's Awards this year.




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