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Nomad spotted at Penniwells RDA!

(February 24, 2017)

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Nomad's exciting trip to RDA Greater London this week


Nomad on Rudy

Monday 20th February - Thursday 23rd February

Nomad has been spotted at our Regional Committee Meeting in Leicestershire earlier the week on Monday which he attended its the meeting to hear what our committe has been doing with their progress which went really well - even he had a nice cup of tea and writing the notes for Matt Dalley, our Regional Participant Representative.

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Nomad is looking forward to his trip this week by exploring things in London and around Greater London RDA region where Sam Peck, Lincolnshire County Coach taking him to visit Penniwells RDA over next few days where they're going to look after our mascot very well as well as he will be heading to Lincolnshire Wolds RDA Group after few days in London. 


He just made a surprise appearance by riding Jago in the afternoon after the Committee Meeting which he having a go on him with beautiful sunset view at Penniwells RDA Centre. Nomad has been also spotted the fantastic Big Ben and enjoyed to watch the therate before returning to Penniwells RDA to have a another ride again before heading to Lincolnshire Wolds RDA in Louth. 

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A massive thank you to Sarah Healing and the team who made a very warm welcome for our Regional Mascot, Nomad this week - We hope the idea of having regional mascot exploring the region being inspired by RDA Greater London (hopefully you will consider this with the region for sure!)

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